The Center School "Back" Pack

​When preparing for the start of the school year, parents always have a list of things to get done.  Some things are physical, like shopping for school supplies and making sure their child's physical backpack is ready to go.  Other things are part of a more metaphorical backpack, like updating their school forms or making sure their student has a printed copy of their schedule.

The Center School "Back" Pack is a centralized set of resources, designed to make you, and your child, comfortable with their first day back in school.  Please read thorough each of the common questions we've been asked by parents, and by the time you've read each of the answers, you'll know what you have to do to make your child's first day a successful one.

Q. What supplies should my student have for classes?
A. Regardless of your students grade level, all students should have one spiral bound notebook, one folder, and one pencil case with a dozen pencils and a sharpener.  In addition, if your child participated in our ESY or SEP program, please have them bring their supply box with them on their first day of class.  This box will serve as their personal supply box throughout the year.

Q. What forms do I need to fill out, and where can I find them?
A. We have several forms that must be filled out at the start of the school year, for both new AND returning students.  These forms can only be accessed via Genesis, through our Parent Portal.  Once you have logged in, there is a section at the top of the page marked "Forms".  More information on creating and logging into a Genesis account can be found here.

Q. How do I find out information about lunch?
A.  Your child's monthly lunch choices are available via the EZ School portal, which will be made available to parents by the end of August.  You can also fill out a free-and-reduced lunch application here.

Q. Where do I find my student's schedule?
A. All student schedules will be available in in Genesis no later than August 31st, and can be accessed via our Parent Portal.  Once you have logged into Genesis, you will find their schedule in the appropriately named "Schedule" tab at the top of the page.  More information on creating and logging into a Genesis account can be found here.

Q. How do I contact you when I have questions?
A.  The school's primary phone number is 908-253-3870.  In addition, you can contact our Executive Director, Dr. Ronald Rinaldi, here, our Assistant Director, Maryellen Grabowski, here, or our Head of Admissions, Kerri Spotts, here.  Should you need to contact one of your child's teachers, their email address is their first initial followed by their last name, ending with  So, for example, if you were trying to reach Jane Smith, their email address would be  

Q. What are you doing to prepare the school for COVID?
A. You will be updated on our COVID policies by the end of August.