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What is the PTO?

      At The Center School, we know that our students learn best when they are fully engaged and enthusiastic about school.  Our PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is instrumental in brainstorming and planning activities that create excitement and engage both students and families. From involving the students in community service work, to passing out popsicles at our school Walkathon, to raising money for student social engagements, our PTO does it all.


   All parents are invited to participate in our monthly meetings in person or virtually, working with staff to create programming that makes The Center School the best place to learn and grow.  No matter how much or little time you have to be involved, we can find a place for you. 


How can I help?

     Great question! First: keep an eye on the weekly newsletter

for our upcoming meeting dates.  We would love to have you

join us in person or virtually. Second: Do you have an idea

that would make our students smile? Please share it with us.

You can always contact us by emailing . Third: Make a donation or support a fundraiser.  It can be as

easy as writing a check, buying an item, or hitting a donate

now button. 100% of PTO proceeds go right to where it makes

the biggest impact, our kids and their amazing school. With

your support we can make a big impact. 

    The PTO is your organization so as always, please let us know how we can best work for your students and families. 

Write a check campaign

       Write-A-Check" is the largest PTO fundraiser for the Fall Semester. All of your tax deductible donations will be used for gifts to the school during this academic year. Funds raised will be used for student enrichment programs, technology, supplies and other worthwhile academic extras and activities.

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