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Preperation for Adult Life

Our 18-21 transition program assists students on their way to many paths, such as vocational endeavors, higher educational institutions, or job placement in the workforce. Students get opportunities to explore these various paths - or focus on the one they have already chosen - by job sampling in the community and visits to institutions of higher education or vocational schools. Students will also be able to take additional academic courses for college preparation.

Job sampling is a process by which students are placed in outside businesses to experience a particular job in an entirely hands-on process. This sampling is carried out with the support of a job coach who remains on-site the entire time the student is working, observing their interactions and providing them with direct feedback.

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Work practicums are a chance for students to receive hands-on training in complex fields. These are often fields where it is difficult to obtain a position without "prior experience,” which is exactly what students will receive in these hands-on programs. Students in these programs will never sit for lectures or be mired in theory, but will be at work, on the job, learning in an environment custom-made for their success.

Students can participate in culinary arts, informational technology, child development, or a building trades practicum. Whenever possible, participants of our work practicums will follow up their time in school with a matching internship in a related field.

Work Practicums

Transition students at The Center School leave prepared for happy and productive adult lives.

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