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The music department at The Center School has something for everyone. The music studio is a large space where students interact with several different types of instruments and high-quality musical equipment. There is a keyboard section, guitar and ukulele section, percussion section, and an orchestra section with violins, brass, and woodwind instruments.

Throughout the course of the year The Center School hosts two concerts, which include instrumental and choral selections. The chorus and orchestral groups also get an opportunity to perform at The Center School graduation ceremonies. General music classes and music appreciation round out the curriculum.

In drama, The Center School puts on a school-wide musical production each year. All students can audition for parts in the musical, with every interested student given a role in the production in one form or another. The music department works hand in hand with the fine art and industrial arts departments to create scenery and props for the shows. These three departments work hand-in-hand with the students to create a wonderful production in the spring.




The Industrial Arts Department at The Center School gives students an introductory look at vocational trade skills in carpentry, furniture making, and toy making. Aligned with New Jersey’s 21st Century Life and Careers Standards, this K-12 friendly course gives students of all ages a space to work both creatively and academically on relevant life skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Students enrolled in the industrial arts program will learn age- appropriate concepts through hands-on activities, group discussions, and team building exercises. Elementary students learn how to safely use hand tools (such as hand saws)  in introductory projects. Students in grades 6-8 focus on learning project planning skills, accurately reading fractional measurements, collaboration skills, construction site safety, and common woodshop machinery, such as the band saw and miter saw. High school and transitional students focus on advanced construction machinery (such as table saws, jig saws and belt sanders), complex joinery techniques and furniture creation and refurbishment.


Art classes at The Center School focus on the five elements of art: Line, color, shape, form, and texture. The emphasis is on creating art - at one’s ability level - using these elements and the hand-held tools to create them. In the art studio, students will have all of the resources a professional artist would have at their disposal, from pencil and paper, to tools such as rulers to create straight edges, and different media such as tissue paper, string, wood, glue, and modeling clay to create shape, form, and texture.


Students will work in two and three dimensions – creating drawings, paintings, sketches, and sculpture. Computers are employed not to create art, but to research different art forms and artists and review examples of artists’ works.


Lesson plans are designed to encompass the wide range of abilities for each class and are planned throughout the year to coincide with the seasons or major events. Many of our students

participate in school-wide events including the scenery for our school plays, themes for hallways, and decorations/signage for various school initiatives.

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Our physical education/health department delivers high quality physical education to students utilizing a planned, sequential, K-12 standards-based program of curriculum and instruction. We support the physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development of each student by building their independence, self-esteem, and skill level. Our goal is to provide our students with the knowledge and opportunity to make healthy lifetime fitness choices. All lessons can be adapted with the help of a physical therapist for students who need that particular support.


Elementary students will focus on the development of fundamental motor skills through play, utilizing a variety of equipment such as balls, hoops, scarves, jump ropes and parachutes. Middle school and high school students focus on developing skills in team sports, team building activities, and individual fitness. In addition, our

High school students will have the opportunity to utilize a well-appointed fitness room to

acquire knowledge and develop their own individual fitness routine.


Our health and wellness program is aligned with the National Health Education Standards. Creating a learning environment that engages students to develop their health-related skills, with the goal that they will make healthy choices and are able to take responsibility for their own wellness.

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