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Welcome to The Craft Space. Our store, located in downtown Somerville, New Jersey, is a retail space for our transition program students to learn job skills as they explore options for future careers.

The story behind The Center School & The Craft Space

The Center School, founded in 1971, serves special needs students' educational development from K-12 grades. We also have a transition program for 18-21 year olds to explore post-high school options. This program prepares students for higher education, for learning daily life skills to live on their own and enter the work force, or for learning a trade such as woodworking, or other related trades to have careers.

It is for the trade-oriented students that the Craft Space was originally created. By providing students with a storefront which can showcase and market their crafts, students can learn the various skills needed to become part of the business world. The retail aspects also include working in the community, learning civic duties, and the the financial skills to create goods daily and earn money which assists in funding the transition program resources. 

Your purchase at The Craft Space goes directly to the support of our special needs students' learning, training, and skill building to enable them to become active and productive citizens of their communities. 

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