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Welcome to The Center School 

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Dr. Ronald Rinaldi, Executive Director

You have found a special education program which focuses on the strengths of children while cultivating positive growth. Our school has been successfully serving students with language based learning disabilities, school adjustment issues, and complex academic challenges for more than 50 years.


At The Center School, we have a culture of lifelong learning that extends past just students. Our staff and administrators are committed to training, exploring new programs, and keeping up with the latest and best practices in special education. Our administration is dedicated to student and staff wellbeing and success. We go the extra mile for every student.

Students who come to The Center School find a school where they are personally known to their teachers, can express themselves and explore their strengths, and feel comfortable being who they are while getting an individualized education. We go above and beyond just an “appropriate education” in a “least restrictive environment”. As you walk the halls of our school you will find an environment where students want to learn and where teachers adapt to meet them where they are.


Our students receive a highly effective special education program delivered by highly qualified staff. Each day students move between classes and teachers, enjoy open learning studios, and transition between their academic classes, related arts, and support services. Students are not limited to self-contained classrooms, as found in district schools, but instead are fully a part of our school community.


The students we serve vary greatly in their challenges and abilities. Approximately 55% of our students have autism spectrum disorders while the remaining are a mixture of classifications including specific learning disability, and other health impaired. Our programs are tailored to the needs of each student. Our staff is highly skilled in providing social skills support, using evidence based programming to address specific learning disabilities, and helping students who need a more practical life skills approach.


At Center School, classes are small and grouped by ability to best serve each student. Many students here are college bound and have access to college readiness courses, while others work on functional skills and transition directly to the workforce through our supported internship program.


Regardless of age, grade, or level our students receive instruction and support for their specific needs. Parents and guardians of our students will find our program is based on a school-family partnership which fosters a collaborative approach to student success and in which constant communication between staff and families is a primary objective.


I invite you to explore our school, its programs, and offerings. I encourage you to ask us any questions you may have about your child’s specific needs.



Ronald P. Rinaldi, Ed.D.

Our Mission

Our mission is to mentor and support students, empowering them to reach their fullest potential through a comprehensive program tailored to their specific needs.


Our Vision

Students with learning disabilities and complex academic challenges face roadblocks that create barriers to their personal happiness and success. The Center School provides a supportive educational environment where students are given the tools and strategies to overcome those challenges. Our comprehensive learning experience allows each student to develop into their personal best. The Center School is committed to helping each student become as self-sufficient and successful as possible.  We provide a supportive and comprehensive educational environment where students reach their potential for academic, emotional, and physical health.  Our dedicated staff works collaboratively with the student, the parents/guardians, and the sending district.

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