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Fostering Independence and Growth

Our high school programming is both comprehensive and individualized. Students earn up to 35 credits each year which are transferred to the student’s high school transcript in their own home school district for graduation. Students have smaller, supportive, and structured classes with individualization implemented as needed, while enjoying a similar daily schedule as would be experienced in their district school. Students have choices of several different electives each year, can take part in the school concert band, participate in the annual school musical, and join one of our many after school clubs. There are also academic and reward-based trips into the community.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Our students have access to a wide variety of activities including but not limited to : intramural sports, cooking, biking, robotics, e-sports, music, drama, history club, Spanish club, tech club, and Student Council.

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The high school student council is a body of chosen students whose purpose is to advocate for students’ morale, motivation, and collaboration in sustaining the positive atmosphere in the school. The council is chosen by their peers in an electoral process, they meet with school administrators in a forum which allows them to speak openly and freely and have an active role in their high school experience. The council is also a great way to introduce students to leadership roles, responsibilities, and understanding the needs of many as a community.

High School Student Council

Higher Educational Goals

Our High School students are  going places.  We work to give them the tools to get there. Seniors looking to attend vocational schools, community college programs, and 2 and 4 year college programs will work with our social workers in a program which will allow them to apply and take tours of these programs.

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