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Middle school students (grades 6-8) are exposed to departmentalization of their academics. Students begin to learn to adapt to different teachers in different classrooms as they attend their core subjects. In addition, students are given more personal responsibility over their academics and behaviors as they develop organizational and time management skills, build self-confidence, engage in more activities which encourage self-advocacy, create social connections with peers, and develop self-regulation skills necessary to set themselves up for success in school and in life.


Traditionally, each year, the 8th grade takes a two-day trip to Washington, D.C. During the overnight trip, students visit the Smithsonian Institute, Arlington Cemetery, landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial and see sights such as The White House and Ford's Theater.


The trip is often a student’s first opportunity to travel away from their families, which builds a sense of accomplishment and maturity as they enjoy the many sights of our nation’s capital.

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