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The Center School has a long history of embracing technology and its use in education. As one of the first schools to bring iPads into the classroom, integrate 3D printing throughout its curriculum, and offer information technology work programs to its students, we have always strived to provide technology in a way that enhances and complements our educational programs. With a 1:1 device program, and extensive expertise in technology we are ready to guide and support our students in an increasingly digital world.


Cutting Edge Instruction

The Audio Lab - A space devoted to the production of podcasts. With a dedicated computer and mixing board, along with an array of microphones, students get the chance to create their own audio productions, centered around both educational and recreational topics. This helps to foster communication between students as well as help build interpersonal skills. Once completed, the finished products can then be hosted in the podcasting section of the school website.


Digital Cutting and Engraving - For students interested in working with vector-based art, we also provide an opportunity to use our digital cutters/engravers. This includes work produced on our Cricket, which is primarily for use with vinyl and heat transfer materials, as well as our Glowforge, a laser-based cutter that can score, cut, and etch wood and metallic surfaces. The use of these devices allows students to create designs that they can hold in their hands, press on their clothing, and stick onto just about any flat surface. This tactile experience really allows students to invest in their projects, boosting their interest and increasing the amount of effort they put into their work.


The Broadcast Studio - Dedicated to the shooting and editing of video, the broadcast studio allows students to film morning broadcasts, video podcasts, and student films. Using a mixture of high- definition devices, including camcorders, DSLR cameras, and webcams, students produce raw footage which is then edited, via Adobe Premiere & After Effects.

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Virtual Reality - The Center School employs two different VR headsets, an HTC VIVE tethered to a gaming-class computer and an Oculus Quest. Using this equipment, students participate in VR-based cognitive therapy, as well as interactive game titles used as part of our behavior modification program.

The Code Space - Using a series of gaming-class desktops, students have the opportunity to produce a video game based on code of their own design. Games can be built on a variety of platforms, including Unity, Ren’py, RPGmaker, and Kodu Game Lab, and can use a variety of scripting languages, along with Python and C#. Their completed works can then be exported for use on PCs and mobile devices.

3D Modeling & Printing - For students that would prefer to design in a 3D environment, our lab offers a wealth of applications, including Tinkercad, Carrara, and Maya. Once their work is complete, they can prepare and print their design on one of our three 3D printers, available in both our computer lab and STEAM Room. This process includes teaching students the basics of the printing process, including working with supports, brims & rafts, bridging, and general slicing.

eSports Program

As the popularity of eSports continues to rise, professional gaming has now become one of the fastest growing collegiate sports, as well as a major scholarship opportunity. The Center School eSports team, “Team Cerberus,” offers students a chance to compete in multiple tournaments and leagues across several different titles, including Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Rocket League. Many of these competitions have prizes in the form of scholarships, as well as providing students with a chance to build their gaming resume, allowing them to pursue eSports opportunities at the college level.

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For members of our high school program, we offer a work experience class focusing on the core skills used in the information technology field. Students have an opportunity to learn the basics of hardware and software installation and maintenance, along with the practical use of IP-based networks. In addition, students will gain a better understanding of workflow optimization and team building strategies.

Information Technology Work Program


The Center School offers a broad range of technology, from the computers issued to every student to the diverse array of equipment offered in our computer lab.

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